Nected DataSet helps to unify data across the database, via database query, to attach directly as input to the rule. Using Dataset, you won't have to pass any data to rules, which are already present in your data sources but can be automatically fetched from data source while executing the rule.

You should integrate your database connector before creating the Dataset.

Note: A dataset does not update any table in the database. It just retrieves the data from the database. Only SELECT statement is allowed in the DataSet.

Query in the dataset executes only when the rule (to which the dataset is connected) is triggered and the query retrieves only the data that is required for the rule.

Nected Dataset supports multiple development environments including staging & production:

  • Staging – This dataset can retrieve data only from a staging database connector but does not modify the database.

  • Production – This dataset can retrieve data only from a production database connector but does not modify the database.

Note: The query is shared across staging and production environments, however, Dataset settings are different for both staging and production environments.

Setting up New DataSet:

When you create a dataset:

  • You select a published database connector to establish a connection to the database.

  • You provide a name for the dataset and add a database query to retrieve data from the database.

  • You execute the query and verify the results. This would mark Dataset as Tested.

  • Once you have used it in Rule and Tested Rule, you need to publish the dataset before publishing the Rule

Note: You can't publish / re-publish the Rule until you have published the latest Dataset Version.

DataSet Settings

Dataset settings can help you control query performance as well as amount of data to be fetched. Using Settings, you can configure:

  • Row limit – Number of data rows to be fetched to execute the Rule

  • Cache – Enable or disable the cache for the dataset results. Cached results provide faster query processing.

  • Time to expire – Cache expiration time, after which Nected will execute database query again.

Note: All settings like row limit, cache, and time to expire are applicable in terms of data retrieved for that respective rule on which this dataset is attached.

Demo DataSet

Nected provides a pre-configured read-only dataset, named Demo-Product-DataSet, connected to Demo-Mysql-Connector.

The following figure shows the Datasets page of the Nected platform:

DataSet States

A dataset has the following three states:

StatesDescAllowed in


The dataset is created and saved, but it is not yet tested.

Not usable anywhere. Also if this dataset is attached in Rules, those Rules will not work in staging mode until you test the dataset again.


The dataset is tested, but it is not yet published.

Draft, Tested Rules


The dataset is published, and you can use it to query the in both staging & production env

Draft, Tested, Published Rules

Refer to State Combinations to know more about possible combinations of connectors, datasets, and rules.


Every time you edit a published dataset, its version is automatically incremented by .10. For example, if the current version is .30, then after you modify the dataset, its version will be .40.

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