Set Variables Node

The Set Variable node is a fundamental component in workflow design, enabling the setting or updating of variable values within the workflow. These variables can then be utilised by other nodes for dynamic data manipulation, enhancing the flexibility and functionality of the workflow.

Integration of Set Variable Node in Workflows

  1. Now define the variable type and assign a value to it within the Set Variable node window. Variables set using this node can be dynamically manipulated and utilised by subsequent nodes in the workflow.

    Supported Variable Types

    The Set Variable node supports the following variable types:

    • Boolean: Holds a value of either true or false, commonly used for flow control with conditionals.

    • Numeric: Stores numerical values suitable for calculations or quantitative conditions.

    • String: Holds text data, ideal for names, titles, or any other textual content.

    • Date: Stores date and time information, useful for timestamps and scheduling functions.

    • List: Stores an ordered collection of items, often of the same type, enabling iteration or indexing.

    • JSON: Holds structured data in JSON format, allowing for complex information storage as key-value pairs.

    • Formula: Computes a value based on other variables or static values using a predefined formula.

  2. At last, test the added Set Variable node to ensure proper functionality and data integrity.


The Set Variable node empowers users to manage and manipulate data dynamically within workflows, offering support for a variety of variable types. By effectively utilising the Set Variable node, users can create more versatile and efficient workflows to meet their specific requirements.

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