Test & Publish Workflows

Nected allows you to test workflows in a staging environment before deploying them to production. This helps to ensure that your rules are working as expected. To test a rule, click the Test in Staging button.

Testing a Workflow

Testing a workflow is pretty straightforward, just click on the Test in Staging button and it will take you to the test result tab. However, before testing a workflow, make sure that:

  1. You've given proper input data to all added Nodes.

  2. All added Nodes are tested.

In the "Test Result" tab, you'll get to see something like this:

  1. Steps: This column is for showing the particular node. You can check if the node has been correctly executed from the ✅ mark at the right side of the node name.

  2. Input: In the input column all the input attributes for that particular node are given.

  3. Result: The result tab is the same as shown in the rule result window. Here is the execution result along with its Output(in JSON format) and Action name and status(if all conditions are met).

Publish a Workflow

Publishing a Workflow is also very simple. After testing the workflow, just click on the "Publish" button and the workflow will be published in production.

To make a Workflow in Production, You must test all the nodes separately or run "Test in Staging", otherwise the Workflow won't be published.

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