Use Cases

You can leverage Nected to build customer flows like:

  • Dynamic Pricing: Show different prices based on customer persona and other parameters to find out the ideal price model of your product, service, package / commodity.

  • Dynamic discounts / coupons: Running generic or targeted time-sensitive discount campaigns to increase your sales, growth and revenue.

  • Dynamic payouts/incentives: Running vendor or sales incentives program paying differential payout to vendors and/or teams to increase your monthly or quarterly sales and revenue.

  • Dynamic Taxation: Building rules to find right taxation for customers, vendors and finance team.

  • Payment Partners or routing: Dynamic rules to reroute your payment through vendors based on margins, success rate, volume-based discounting etc. Improve your payment margins and hence the bottom line.

  • Any time of scoring: Credit, Lead, vendor scoring: Scoring your customer, lead or vendor/seller based on certain criteria to maintain their rating, or health score or credit score etc.

  • Risk Management: Detecting and preventing fraudulent transactions in real-time, Mitigating operational risks for seamless online transactions, Assessing and addressing risks in the supply chain for uninterrupted operations. Use Nected's Risk Management Solutions to easily identify, understand, and handle risks.

  • Compliance and Auditing: Discover unparalleled efficiency in healthcare compliance and auditing with Nected. Our innovative solution empowers healthcare organisations to seamlessly adhere to industry regulations and standards, ensuring utmost quality and safety in patient care.

  • Lending / Loan Eligibility Calculator /Underwriting Process Automation: Transform your underwriting processes with Nected's advanced automation capabilities, designed to streamline workflows and enhance efficiency. User Behavior-Based Decisions, Contextual Underwriting, Real-Time Adjustments etc.

  • Lead allocation to ops, teacher, etc.: Rules to decide allocation, reallocation of leads to your operations, vendors to improve your conversion funnel and increase your revenue within the same lead and ops pool.

  • Referral: Running referral programs for users to incentivise & grow referrers as well as referee's engagement and conversions

  • Loyalty / Rewards programs: Running dynamic loyalty programs to incentives & grow engagement and/or conversions

  • Subscription, product offering packaging: Package your subscription or bundle your products and/or services to offer it to the end users and find our right product offering at right price.

  • Home Page Personalisation: Personalize your home page or any website/app page based on customer person and hundreds of different parameters to increase engagement as well as conversions.

  • Dynamic messaging over website and app pages: Send personalised messages to your customers based on their persona or any other parameters for them to be aware or take desired actions, as applicable.

  • Product recommendations: Personalize product recommendation based on customer person and hundreds of different parameters to increase conversions and revenue through cross-sell or upsell.

  • Pricing, usage, loan eligibility calculator: Build Dynamic calculators for your website to show pricing based on their usage or loan eligiblity based on their inputs.

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