Limits in Nected

Nected is designed to offer flexibility and power in automating workflows and rules. However, to ensure optimal performance and maintain system integrity, certain limits are set within the platform. It's crucial for users to be aware of these constraints to effectively plan and implement their workflows. Below is a detailed overview of these limits:

Limit CategoryLimit ValueDescription

Authentication Keys


Maximum number of authentication keys allowed per user. These keys are vital for securing access to workflows.

Addition of Keys


Users can add up to 50 keys, such as API keys or encryption keys. This limit ensures streamlined and secure key management.

Global Variables


The maximum number of global variables that can be set. Global variables are used for accessing data across different parts of a workflow.

Input Variables


Each rule or workflow can have up to 50 input variables. These variables allow for the input of data into a workflow. The limit helps in efficient processing and workflow simplicity.

Output Variables


Up to 50 output variables can be defined for each workflow, used for extracting data. This limit maintains manageable and understandable workflows.

Actions Per Workflow


A maximum of 10 actions can be included in each workflow. Actions are the operational steps in a workflow. This limit ensures workflows are concise and efficient.

Simple Rules in a Ruleset


In a ruleset, up to 50 simple rules can be defined. This limitation is set to keep rulesets manageable and effective, avoiding performance degradation.

No. of Rows in Decision Table


Limits the number of rows to 50 in a decision table. Decision tables are used for defining and managing complex decision logic in a structured format.

Understanding and respecting these limits is essential for efficient workflow design. It's recommended to plan your workflows and rulesets keeping these constraints in mind. In cases where you approach these limits, consider optimizing your workflows or breaking them into smaller, more manageable parts.

For users requiring higher limits, please reach out to our support team ( for potential customization options based on your specific needs.

By staying informed of these limitations, you can better harness the capabilities of Nected, ensuring smooth and effective workflow automation.

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