What kind of flows can I build on Nected?

You can build and personalize any of your customer-facing flow, driven by backend, over Nected.

You can build flows that are too dynamic, evolving and/or iterating like pricing policies, discount policies, payout policies, taxation, home page personalization, lead scoring, lead allocation, product recommendations, referrals, loyalty/rewards points systems, etc.

You can build flows that require stitching multiple applications in a particular order for your customer to fit their need and draw the maximum engagement/value.

How is Nected different from other Rule Engines?

Nected seamlessly integrates with any data sources to directly fetch data for your rules and execute them with low latency. Further, it also allows to trigger any flow via API or perform any database operations directly as part of rule outcome, all on our platform itself.

Further, we also have low code option using our custom JS editor making our rule engine utterly flexible and customizable for any business use case wherein tech doesn't have to code anything outside the platform but all can be done within the rule writing small line of codes (in case the requirement is specific and complex)

How is Nected different from other Workflow automation platform?

Various workflow automation platforms are about passing data from one source to another destination and are mostly either for internal processes or data transfers/sync. As per nature, most of the workflows are asynchronous and not time-critical.

Nected workflow is mostly for customer-facing flows, building backend APIs in low code, no code, and hence are built keeping security, performance and reliability in mind. Further, it's built keeping in mind that it acts as low code for developers to set up in less than 30 mins but no code for non-developers to iterate within few minutes.

Is Nected only for Backend flows or also for Frontend flows?

Currently, we support building and personalizing any backend flows wherein you can use your apps in a modular and configurable way to launch fast, experiment more, and iterate faster. You can still control your Frontend flow if your UI is driven by backend logic and/or is JSON-fied. In that case, you can configure your frontend flows over Nected to actually driver personalized UI for your customers via backend logics over Nected.

How secure is Nected?

Nected doesn't store any data on its side but just fetches it at runtime to execute the operation needed based on the query provided. Also, all exchanges are done over SSL and in an encrypted way.

We further have on-premise options for companies that don't want their data to leave their premise.

We appreciate any information that can help improve the security of our systems and protect users' data. We do reward security researchers who report serious and previously undiscovered issues. If you believe you have discovered a security vulnerability, please email our security team at security@nected.ai with a description of the issue and any relevant details. After reviewing the report, appropriate action is taken to address the issue.

What is the pricing plan for Nected? Is it Free?

You can check our pricing page for your reference. We do have a free forever plan for individual and small teams who don't have much scale but can still take leverage of the Nected Rule engine and workflow automation platform.

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