Trigger Workflow via WebHook

Nected enables you to securely trigger a workflow from your systems via Webhook Url, allowing you to use custom parameters and access all relevant information about the workflow.

To trigger a rule using an API, follow these steps:

  1. Test and Publish the Workflow: Ensure the workflow you want to trigger is tested and published.

  2. Access the Trigger Node:

    • Go to the Trigger Node and click on it.

    • Navigate to the Settings tab, where you will find the API and WebHook URL information.

  3. Use the WebHook URL:

    • The API Settings window will display the WebHook URL, which contains all the information and behavior of the rule.

    • Use the URL to trigger the rule via WebHook.

  4. WebHook URL Template


The WebHook URL consists of the following components:

  • Base URL:

  • env: The environment of the rule, either staging or production.

  • entity_name: The name of the rule to be executed.

  • id: The ID of the rule.

Passing Custom Attributes Using Webhook

  • After Selecting the Webhook URL, you can use the webhook to pass the information as a custom attribute.

  • In order to pass custom attributes in Rule via using WebHook, You can use this flattened payload structure.

        "cutstom_attribute1": "value 1", "cutstom_attribute1": "value 2"
  • Once You pass the payload, the webhook will not wait for the rule execution it runs asynchronously backend. after its successful execution, it responds via a successful message.

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