Usage Widget


The Usage Widget on Nected's dashboard provides users with a quick glance at their current usage statistics against the limits defined by their subscription package. Located at the bottom of the left hand side panel, it is a crucial component for users to monitor and manage their resource consumption.

Widget Interface

  • Location: Bottom of the LHS panel.

  • Components:

    • Monthly Usage Section: Displays current usage against the monthly allowance.

    • Plan Limits: Reflects the limits as per the active subscription package.

    • Usage Progress Bars: Color-coded indicators representing the usage proportion against the total limit.

    • Steps Completion: A checklist to track the completion of workspace setup.

    • Warning Indicator(Only if you cross the monthly usage limit): A red triangle alert at the top of the widget signaling potential account issues due to limit breaches.


  1. Monitoring Usage

    1. API Calls: Shows the number of API calls made in the current month against the total allowed by the plan.

    2. Rules: Indicates the number of rules currently in use versus the total number allowed.

    3. Editors: Displays how many editor slots are being utilized out of the available ones.

    4. Cron: Reflects the number of cron jobs executed in relation to the total number permitted by the user’s plan. If this limit is exceeded, it will be visually highlighted.

  2. Plan Limitations

    1. The widget automatically adjusts the display of usage based on the user's subscription plan.

    2. For each tier, from Free to On Premise, the widget updates to reflect the correct limits for API calls, number of rules, editor slots and cron jobs as per the Features Comparison chart.

  3. Interaction: Users can interact with the widget to get more detailed usage reports or to upgrade their plan directly from the widget if they are nearing or have exceeded their limits.

  4. Usage Data

    1. Free Plan:

      1. API Calls: Up to 10K per month.

      2. Rules: Maximum of 5.

      3. Editors: 2 included (additional editors at $8 each).

      4. Cron Jobs: 500/month

    2. Subscription Plans: Startups, Growth, Business, Custom, On Premise.

      Each plan has its own limits for API calls, rules, and editor slots as outlined in the Features Comparison chart. Please check the Pricing table.

  5. Updating Widget

    1. The widget updates in real-time, offering immediate feedback on the current usage.

    2. Changes in the subscription plan will automatically reflect in the widget without any need for manual updates.

  6. Alert System

    1. The widget includes an alert system to notify users as they approach their usage limits.

    2. Monthly usage is measured from the 1st of every month, ensuring users are aware of their new cycle and limits. Usage metrics within the widget are reset to reflect the new cycle on the 1st of each month, providing users with a clear and updated view of their usage against the new month's limits.

In case of queries or if assistance is needed, users can directly request help through the widget's interface.

The Usage Widget is an essential tool for Nected users to ensure they remain within their plan's operational boundaries and can take timely action if they need to adjust their subscription for higher usage demands.

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