Nected supports multiple development environments and enables you to setup integrations in both Staging and Production environments separately, thereby isolating your integrations from the production integrations.


Environments enable you to separate staging and production configurations of integrations, providing controlled and isolated settings for specific tasks during different phases. This approach allows developers to test and validate changes without affecting the live production environment.

This allows you to create queries and switch between environments, with the queries shared automatically across the environment.

Environments on Nected

  • Staging – A staging environment for development, QA, and user acceptance testing., that works non-production data. You can make modifications and experiment with Datasets, Rules, and other features before pushing them to the production environment. Any rules will be using the staging connection settings of the connector if executed in a staging environment.

  • Production – Live version with actual production data for end users. Any Rule will be using the production connection settings of the connector if executed in the production environment.


If rules or datasets are executed in the draft version (using IsTest:true via API call) Then, by default, staging connection settings of the connector will be used irrespective of what environment parameter is set in the API.

Benefits of Environments

Nected offers a robust system of environments, designed to optimize the software development process. These environments cater to various stages of development, ensuring that each phase is executed with precision and efficiency. Nothing can be published in production if not tested in staging first, hence ensuring the sanity of published production code.

Here are some of the standout benefits of using Nected's development environments:

  • Enhanced Isolation & Risk Management - Nected environments are crafted to segregate testing, development, and production stages. This separation minimizes the chances of inadvertent changes, ensuring that each phase of the development cycle is executed in a risk-free and controlled setting.

  • Streamlined Development Process - Developers on Nected can effortlessly toggle between diverse integrations. The platform eliminates the need to manually adjust connection parameters, paving the way for a smoother development journey. This feature not only expedites testing but also fosters rapid iterations.

  • Comprehensive & Flexible Testing - Nected's distinct staging environments are a boon for quality assurance. These dedicated spaces empower teams to meticulously test new functionalities, conduct in-depth tests, and verify the application's overall performance. Such testing ensures that the software is primed for deployment in a production environment, guaranteeing optimal user experience.

By harnessing the power of Nected environments, teams can collaborate seamlessly, ensuring that software products are reliable, efficient, and of the highest quality.

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