JSON Input Attributes

In addition to the existing data types options, Nected now supports a new Json data type, providing enhanced flexibility in defining custom input parameters for your rules.

With the new Json data type, you can now include Json objects as custom input parameters tailored to your rule.

Steps to get Started :

  1. Click on the "Add Input Attributes" button, and “1. Input Attributes” will be shown

  2. Click on “+Add Field” and type in Name. Choose "Json" as the Data Type.

  3. After selecting type as Json, a Json Editor will be shown otherwise can be accessed by clicking on the Json Editor button.

  4. Write down the Json parameter that you want to be mapped with your rule. For example, for a discount rule, you might use Json parameters like:

  5. After saving it, go to the Property tab and under Input Attributes. Json structure will be populated in a nested tree form with their data types mentioned on the right side along with the key names. In the given scenario, the Json structure includes 'customerType' and 'purchaseAmount' as key attributes. These attributes can be utilised for setting up the rule afterwards. The rule's conditions will be applied to the input data, generating a JSON output.

  6. Once you've defined your rule, the next step is to input specific Json parameters for testing. These parameters should be tailored to various scenarios, ensuring comprehensive evaluation.

Upon providing the Json dataset, execute the test by clicking on the “Test Now” button .

The output reflects how the rule processed the provided parameters based on the defined conditions.

Note: This iterative testing process ensures the rule's reliability and robustness under different scenarios.

By following this process, you can define custom input attributes efficiently within Nected, allowing you to focus on your rule's logic and conditions rather than manual data mapping

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